Craig Bryan

Siouxland YFC Board Member

Where and when did you get started with YFC?
When given the privilege to become a member of the Board

How did God get your attention that he wanted you to become a board member for YFC?
As only God can do, he somehow connected Karl and I completely out of the blue

What is your current position?
Chief Executive Officer, Pierce Street Same Day Surgery

What ways has God created you to uniquely come alongside kids and this ministry as a board member?
I am simply the vessel, God is in control and I pray that His will be done

How would you describe your family?
CRAZY!!!  But I am extremely blessed to have a wife who loves me and 3 wonderful children.

What is your educational or professional background?
Health Care Administration

What is (are) your favorite foods?  
I grew up in the Midwest and spent a lot of time on the farm, cannot beat a good, juicy steak

What are you reading right now?
The Bible (or at least I am supposed to be daily).  No time for any other leisurely reading!!