Dan Krause

Siouxland YFC Board Chair

Where and when did you get started with YFC?
I've been involved with YFC in Le Mars since 2000.

How did God get your attention that he wanted you to become a board member for YFC?
After being part of YFC in Le Mars and seeing the ministry, it was a natural fit when I was approached to be a part of the board.  I love students and love God.    God didn’t have to convince me.

What ways has God created you to uniquely come along side kids and this ministry as a board member?
As a pastor, I have a heart for people to come to Christ.  I have a passion for helping people find their way with God and becoming discipled.  Also, I had 3 kids that came through YFC ministry.

How would you describe your family?
Awesome! We're a Christian family who loves God and each other.   My grown kids are all involved in ministry and love music.

What is your educational or professional background?
I have a BA in Bible and Ministerial Ministry and a MA (Missional Leadership) from Trinity Bible College and Graduate School.   I have been the lead pastor at Rock Solid Assembly in Le Mars since 1995.

What is (are) your favorite foods? books?
Diet Pepsi.  Brownies, Pizza, Popcorn.  Yep, all health food. Some of my favorite authors are Jim Cymbala, Steve Furtick, Scott Wilson.  I enjoy reading books on Pastorial issues from a variety of Pastors.

What are you reading right now?
And the Place was Shaken by John Franklin