Jay Greathouse

Siouxland YFC Board Vice Chair

Where and when did you get started with YFC?
Locally here in Siouxland, three years ago I was invited to the Comedy Café and the Golf event.  I've known Karl Van Cura for several years and from there just got more involved.  However, I have a family friend who works for YFC International in Colorado, so I have known about YFC as an organization and its ministries for years.

How did God get your attention that he wanted you to become a board member for YFC?
God just asked me to get involved through the requests from Karl.  Karl and I participate in a men's bible study at our church, and I personally have been interested in getting more involved in non-profit organizations in Siouxland.  The fit and timing were perfect for me.  With my growing faith and relationship with Karl, it made it a very easy decision for me.  

What is your current position?
Vice-Chairman What ways has God created you to uniquely come alongside kids and this ministry as a board member?  I think there are several things.  As a father I have a heart for lost kids.  As a husband I have a wife who works in the non-profit area raising funds for a great organization in Siouxland so I am able to learn from her in any number of areas to help the YFC board and staff. Finally, as a business person with 20 plus years of experience I bring that skill to the organization as well.

How would you describe your family?
Very busy!  We are a blended family with 4 teenagers; two in high school and two in middle school.  They keep us busy from sports to theater, and everything in between.  

What is your educational or professional background?
I am an attorney by education and practiced law in Omaha for a few years before I entered the business world.  I have worked for several fortune 100 companies and have been blessed with a nice career and opportunities.

What is (are) your favorite foods and books?
Sweet French Dessert Crepes! I read a lot; the bible and daily devotionals, along with various books for our men's group bible study through church.  Then I have some indulgent books I read that are typical spy and historical fiction novels to reduce the stress and relax.

What are you reading right now?
The Mechanic by Alan Gold a story about a German mechanic during World War II that helped prisoners in the concentration camps, but was later put on trial at Nuremburg.  I am also reading the Cure by John Lynch.