September 2017

While YFC Camp at Sunstream (MS) and Quaker Ridge (HS) ended back in July and August, this update will serve as a great reminder to pray for lasting fruit in the lives of kids who said ‘YES!” or “YES again!” to Jesus.
We know that God often uses camp to begin a great work in the hearts of kids, but the ongoing follow up and discipleship is our highest priority. As we have followed up we found at Quaker Ridge (HS) we had 8 say ‘YES again!”. At Sunstream (MS) we had 12 kids say ‘YES!” to Jesus for the first time and 20 say ‘YES again!”. Pray for these kids and for lasting, deep-rooted fruit to grow in their heart. Pray also for their leaders who are, right now, walking right alongside of them! 
As for the weeks of camp, we felt God’s favor, grace, healing and presence. Due to our tremendous and well-equipped cabin leaders and camp leadership, the weeks were both full of meaningful interactions with kids, opportunities to share the gospel, and plenty of times to laugh, worship, cry and pray. We knew during both weeks that God was up to something pretty substantial. 
Before and during camp, we prayed fervently for good soil to be cultivated in the hearts of the kids, so that they would receive the Word of God and grow exponentially. Especially we continue to pray for those who are still wrestling with God, knowing if only one kid truly ‘got’ it, the harvest would be magnificent. 
Thank you for praying with us and for us! And especially thank you to all those who made camp possible through scholarships for these kids!

Read two kid's stories -

“A” came to camp feeling unloved.

“J” is what we call a high energy, attention seeking kid.