Addressing Homelessness

Many know there are people living in poverty in their cities and towns. Many give to organizations who help these under-served families. Here is what you may not know. 

  • Between 70-80% of youth we walk with daily are on free/reduced meals at school. 

  • Most come from single parent/blended families which creates relational issues.
  • These youth often go without meals when there is no school.
  • Many of these youth cannot participate in extracurricular activities at school due to finances
  • Many are angry at people and the system letting them down which causes behavior issues.
  • Trauma not dealt with turns into addictions, criminal activity, depression/suicide, self-harm and often violence.

City Life takes a holistic approach to addressing the issues of poverty. We believe that empowering youth in their communities and giving them tools to address, work on a solution and overcome this cycle is key to youth becoming a contributing member of their community.

City Life addresses 5 basic areas in a youth’s life:

  1. We address physical needs first. Do they need clothing, food, doctor? We connect them with resources in their community and teach them to advocate for themselves.
  2. Are they struggling in school? We help with homework and connect with tutors, we teach them how to communicate with teachers respectfully. We provide a safe place for them to use computers and complete homework. We teach them skills for studying for tests.
  3. We address issues with Economic Literacy. We help with job applications and set up mock interviews to give them confidence. We have an Economis system that is a virtual bank account and rewards youth for any positive engagement with our programs and each other. The system teaches them to budget, save, earn interest, and set financial goals.
  4. We set up work projects in partnership with churches and businesses in the community to teach youth to make a difference in their neighborhood. We pick up trash, clean yards, set up/tear down for community events and build things around the City Life Center.
  5. With all programming we focus on teaching them the Bible and how to apply it to everyday life. The Bible stories address crime, punishment, redemption, poverty, identity and racial issues, behavior issues, family relationships and more. God is the Problem Solver. Life Giver. Chain Breaker. Future Hope. 

Poverty is not a life sentence. There is hope and we are so privileged to serve youth who are making a difference in their community and realizing their God given potential to impact their world. Thank you for partnering with us and making this happen!