Building Trust

Our Campus Life team has been working with two middle school students from the same family on the Sioux City Westside. Last school year during an after school Club, one of the brothers, Rafie, spent extra time with the leaders asking for extra snacks. 

Basically we don't allow students to be greedy. But this young man was physically skinny, so we made an exception for him after everyone left. We gave Rafie snack bars, filling his pockets to take home. It became clear later that Rafie wasn't just a growing boy who had a healthy appetite. Those extra snack bars made sure Rafie’s family was able to eat one more night. 

Within a few days YFC leaders went to Rafie’s family two-bedroom apartment. We couldn’t believe our eyes. This family of five was being held together by a single mother, who was struggling to keep her job. And to make matters worse, the kitchen cabinets were bare except for a few packs of instant ramen noodles. This definitely wouldn't stretch far enough to feed this whole family. 

Miraculously after this visit we had a generous donation of meat from a YFC partner. They gave the instructions, "give this to any family that doesn't have money for food." Knowing exactly who could benefit from this donation, we dug through the selections of meat, and took a few weeks worth of choice pork products to the Westside family. 

A few weeks later Rafie’s mom was beaming with joy from the food we brought them. From that moment on her words were, "I trust you." Since then she has allowed all her kids to come to many of our programs, Church services, and YFC trips. I am excited to share that her two middle school sons have said yes to Jesus through our programs! God used their food poverty to open the door of opportunity for Youth for Christ ministry to share donated resources and the hope of Christ.