Ministry Leader Appreciation Spotlight: Rashelle Jensen

By Calee Ewing, Tri-City Campus Life Director

Campus Life is a ministry which is challenging to find volunteers, because most ministry happens after school and during the weekday when people are usually at work. This means most of our volunteer ministry leaders are people who have flexible schedules to accommodate that demand. While each one is notable in their efforts to hangout with and lead kids to Christ, one volunteer ministry leader specifically has carried a very heavy load. Meet Rashelle Jensen.

Rashelle is that person that says, “‘here I am Lord, send me.” She goes into the roughest schools in the Sioux City Community School District and faces insults, disrespect, and just plain rudeness. Sacrificing the personal price that volunteering in this ministry costs, she shows up everyday and has only the love of Jesus for these lost students. Rashelle has led students, who have never given a second thought to God, to a deeper understanding of Christ and she keeps in contact with students outside of our program times through social media. Rashelle is determined to invest in these students to develop lifelong followers of Jesus.

But, it hasn’t always been easy for Rashelle. There were times, while facing the realities of the mission field, that she wanted to give up and walk away. Through a strong faith, obedience to Christ and perseverance, Rashelle found the hope needed to see her work pay off. Along with volunteering with Campus Life, Rashelle is a mom, works on her family farm and mentors a few students she has met along the way. In YFC Campus Life, Rashelle Jensen is a force to be reckoned with and a valuable asset to the kingdom of God.