Sadie’s Story

Sadie is a young girl who regularly attends The Underground City Life Center. At first glance you might think she has it all together; however this isn't the case. Sadie is a neighborhood kid, who has dealt with homelessness many nights. She has been in and out of shelters, lived with her grandmother, and slept on many couches as her mom “home-surfed.” She has also spent restless nights sleeping in a car or on the street with an unstable mother. 

This school year Sadie needed school supplies and badly needed a planner. A YFC volunteer leader heard this and reached out to friends that generously provided more than enough school supplies for all our YFC kids. Sadie got her planner, which to some might seem insignificant, but to Sadie, it was a huge deal! She was excited and ready for school.

On the first day of school Sadie’s mom forgot to take her to school. Sadie was devastated. That afternoon, extremely upset, Sadie ran to The Underground. We met her in her sadness and hurt, helping her realize that her unstable life still had meaning and purpose. By hanging out with those that loved her, playing games and talking about Jesus, YFC leaders were able to provide a way across the chasm of her despair. That day Sadie said yes to Jesus! 

Now Sadie's mom sees a joyful change in her daughter and has become more connected with YFC staff. Join us in praying that Sadie’s mom comes to know wholeness through Jesus as we walk alongside them both. As they continue to fight and overcome strongholds, pray they find a new home and freedom in Christ.