YFC Camp

...Where Everything Changes!

YFC Camp is an outdoor environment that invites God to transform the lives of young people through shared experiences, outdoor challenges, and times of solitude that draw students to the heart of God within the context of authentic relationships and memorable learning experiences.

Our vision is to provide an excellent experience through which Jesus Christ would forever alter the life of every young person who comes to camp - that they, in turn would be driven to alter the lives of those around them for Christ.

This "life altering" is accomplished when students come into relationship with God for the first time, when staff is strengthened and renewed in their ministries, through pure and right relationships among staff and students, when people serve one another, when we enjoy the creation God has made for us to play in, when people fall deeper in love with God and His ways, through laughter, through tears, through renewed commitments, by repenting from sin, by forgiving one another, and by the silent recognition of the Maker of the mountains.


Student Testimonials

  • "This week God taught me to look beyond what my eyes can see."

  • "I realized that by surrendering my life to Christ I can be the ultimate me. I also learned that His plans for my life far exceed those I can make on my own."

  • "I know now that I am the most important and beautiful thing God has created."

  • "God healed a lot of places in my heart that were wounded and He really confirmed for me that He does not condemn me."

  • "This camp made me realize that I want Christ in my life!"

  • "I found HOPE here."

  • "I’ve grown up in church and have been to some amazing camps – but this absolutely tops them."

  • "This week was the best week of my life!"


You Can Help Send a Kid to Camp!

For more information contact:

  • Tri-City Area: Calee Ewing - Email Calee at calee@siouxlandyfc.org
  • Plymouth County: Abe Curiel - Email Abe at abraham@siouxlandyfc.org
  • Sioux County: Tom Cook - Email Tom at tom@siouxlandyfc.org