2021 Year End Update and Ministry Report

November 23, 2021


Looking Back at Ministry

By Karl Van Cura, Executive Director

2020-2021 didn’t slow down for YFC, it actually ramped up! We pressed forward, persevering through obstacles impacting our ministry plans, and ministry thrived! Some examples of pressing through this past year include:
• Large group gatherings of teens became small group-oriented, and deeper relational ministry flourished.
• A soft voice became an increasingly stronger voice in our communities representing at-risk youth by increased social media postings, developing a new vibrant website, and more purposeful partnership presentations.
• Fundraising gatherings were replaced with a face-to-face silent campaign, and banquet replacement funding exceeded expectations.
YFC may be the largest outreach program for at-risk youth in this region. Therefore, we feel the weight of leading the call for this region toward deeper love, care, and compassion for marginalized youth. It’s our mission to build deep relationships with hundreds and thousands of lost 11-19 year olds, inspiring and raising them up to know they are loved, and committed to a lifelong pursuit of Jesus. In the midst of hindrances and obstacles, we experienced God’s Spirit resting upon us, leading and guiding us, as we leaned in with humility and courage.
Celebrating God’s work in one of our best ministry years:
• experienced record numbers of lost kids deciding to follow Jesus
• celebrated graduations, baptisms, brought more teens to church
• increased small groups at ministry sites
• gained deeper access into youth detention, and regional / state correctional  facilities through our Advocacy program
• distributed hundreds of bibles, meals, and care packages
• replaced traditional regional YFC Camps with local Day Camps
• collaborated with more churches and other like-minded organizations in partnerships
• experienced growth in monthly volunteer onboarding and trainings
• engaged in conversations as staff and with youth around racial injustice
• equipped more young people to share the gospel with their friendsWe thank God for His provision and favor. We thank God for your partnership this past year. Your prayers, volunteer hours, and financial gifts continue to make a difference. Please scroll below to review our detailed Ministry Impact Report.

Looking Forward

By Karl Van Cura, Executive Directorr

Imagine reaching 2,400 11-19 year olds annually in Christ-sharing relationships. YFC ministry would be serving approximately 5,000-6,000 middle and high school students across communities, neighborhoods, and youth institutions in six Siouxland counties. Approximately 30 staff, 300 to 400 volunteer ministry leaders, and 100 to 200 young leaders aged 15-19 years old would be leading campus, community, and institutional- based ministry sites. These sites would be providing small groups and large community-wide events, leadership development programing, Bible studies, character development programing; tutoring, mentoring, and advocating, and community service projects, missions trips, and camps for at-risk young people. This would equate to hundreds of young people coming to know Jesus, being discipled, and connecting with the local church every single year. To accomplish, this we need additional partners. We need additional juvenile institutions, churches, youth-oriented non-profits, community schools, colleges, and other like-minded individuals that want to see lost teens transformed by the life of Jesus Christ. This vision will require God’s wisdom, His faithfulness, and His favor and provision. This vision will require your investment of time and financial resources. This is a big, God-sized vision! But given the times we live in, our Board and ministry team unanimously agree, the time is urgent and the time is now! God provides through His people. Therefore, we are asking all Christ-centered leaders to join us in moving forward, trusting the Lord, watching for his favor, and walking through doors He opens.


Sioux County Ministry Area (Hawarden)
Aspiring Goals: Opening additional nights per week at the Hawarden Teen Center, adding an additional Family Meal Time per month, adding small groups and Bible studies to reach more youth in the community.
Financial Need: Replacing $10,000 – $15,000 in grant funding with more sustainable monthly or annual funding.
Volunteer Leaders Need: 10-15 volunteers, a few Spanish bilingual speaking adults to translate.
Plymouth County Ministry Area (Le Mars)
Aspiring Goals: Adding a 10-15 hour per week Teen Center Manager, increasing Abe Curiel’s hours to full-time Campus Life leader, adding small groups to Campus Life ministry, opening a Campus Life ministry site in a new community.
Financial Need: Developing $35,000 in new annual support ($25,000k for Campus Life growth and $10,000 for City Life growth).
Volunteer Leaders Need: 20-25 volunteers, mentors, small group leaders, and leaders to help develop a youth indigenous leader program.
Tri-City Ministry Area (Sioux City)
Aspiring Goals: Opening additional afternoons/evenings at Underground Teen Center, adding small groups, adding coaching structure over Advocates, adding daytime teams for juvenile facilities, adding a min 20-25 hour per week ministry team member
Financial Need: Developing $45,000 in new annual support ($10,000k for Campus Life sustainability, $15,000 for City Life growth, and $20,000 for JJM/Advocacy program growth).
Volunteer Leaders Need: 25-30 volunteers, mentors, tutors, small group leaders, Advocates, Advocate coaches
Ministry Support (Chapter Administration)
Aspiring Goals: Increasing our marketing efforts and messaging through new communication channels, adding specifically targeted smaller community events to introduce new people to YFC through Community Engagement Team.
Financial Need: Developing $20,000 to 25,000 in new annual support for the Community Engagement Team, administrative support for the new website, and new marketing budget items.
Volunteer Leaders Need: 3-4 Board members passionate about leading/governing our mission (specifically youth/community leader, accountant, school administrator/teacher, business owner)

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