A Better Volunteer Development System

November 24, 2021


By Roxie Rahn, Volunteer Onboarding Specialist

Many of our youth are not easy to love. They have lived through trauma in their young lives, many times as a result of choices made by the adults in their lives. We seek these youth to love on, minister to, and advocate for. Taking seriously our preeminent goal of building 2400 Christ-sharing relationships with lost kids annually, we need a volunteer system to onboard and train hundreds of ministry leaders. Recently, we onboarded over 40 new volunteer ministry leaders. These amazing co-laborers in Christ bring many talents to our team.

This past year, we began implementing a new volunteer development system for our volunteers, better equipping and preparing them to walk alongside youth in our communities. The onboarding training has created a cohesive, efficient, and effective atmosphere for volunteers to ask questions, gain an understanding of best practices and safety measures, and learn the big picture of YFC.

YFC is passionate about protecting the youth in our communities, our leaders, and our ministry. But frankly, the previous experience of a volunteer being onboarded was overwhelming. This led to some volunteers feeling burdened to not follow through in that system. However, our new system alleviates this burden, allowing new volunteers to more conveniently enter ministry sites excited and prepared to begin hanging out with students.

We are committed to excellent ongoing training and tools for ministry. These trainings and tools better equip volunteers to navigate through mental health issues, peer and family struggles, foster care and juvenile institution systems, gender and identity confusion, and so much more. We are committed to raising up life-long followers of Christ who thrive, flourish and give back to their communities.

We cannot reach these young people without the AMAZING volunteer ministry leaders and co-laborers in our communities joining us. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of often neglected and unseen youth. However, we are still seeking out new volunteers for our ministries.

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