Back To School Conversations With YFC Staff

August 18, 2022


By Hailey Rice, Communications Coordinator

Reaching and engaging students on our school campuses is a large part of YFC’s ministry. Currently, YFC is serving Sioux City North, East, and West High Schools, Le Mars Community Middle and High Schools, and West Sioux Middle and High Schools. I spoke with Calee Ewing (Sioux City Campus Life), Tony Dunnick (Sioux City East High), Abraham Curiel (Le Mars Campus Life), and Tom Cook (Hawarden Ministry Director) to gain a better understanding of what students are experiencing in local schools.

Q: What issues are you seeing within schools and how are students responding?

Tom: At West Sioux, we deal with students trying to find their own identity, whether that is sexual identity, what social group they belong to, or dealing with the differences in ethnicity. Students are always trying to find the latest fad or thing to help them get included in a group.

Tony: Music and social media usage during class has also contributed to students’ failing grades and being kicked out of class. Some students are taking to social media for bullying. A number of fights in the cafeteria, hallways, and locker rooms have been filmed and posted. Vandalism, encouraged by social media, has closed down bathrooms or increased staff monitoring.

Q: How does Campus Life fill the gap or serve students?

Abraham & Calee: A lot of time Campus Life is an escape from the troubles of a student’s individual lives. Our goal is to give kids from every background a community to connect with, a chance to feel safe, cared about, and fully loved while ultimately sharing the truth and hope of the Gospel!

Tom: We hold monthly Snack Giveaways, handing out hundreds of homemade treats at West Sioux Middle and High School. This allows us to connect with students that we haven’t seen in a while, or ever, at the City Life Teen Center and shows that we care.

Q: What can the community do to help support campus-based YFC programming?

Abe: We always need more volunteers. In order for us to build Christ-sharing relationships, we need the hands and feet of people ready to connect with students.

Tom: For our Snack Giveaway we would love to see more people in the community providing baked goods for us on a consistent basis. Bakers play an important role in connecting YFC staff with students in the schools. We also desire more volunteers to mentor and disciple kids in small group settings.

Calee: We need volunteers specifically from the Sioux City Northside for a Community Support Team. We are looking for people with a heart for the Youth, connections in the community, and/or the ability to fundraise, and are willing to meet monthly.

Tony: The Student support staff at East High School will need volunteers once small groups begin this school year.

As you can see, volunteers are highly needed and appreciated to help support our campus ministry. If you’d like to get involved, you can contact Grace at