Bonds of Hope: A SYFC Winter Retreat Story

March 11, 2024


Fresh from their Winter Retreat at Inspirational Hills, SYFC students return, enriched by a deeper connection with Christ. During the retreat, they bonded, absorbed gospel messages, built trust through games, and savored safety from their daily struggles.

One standout student, whom we’ll call D, took the initiative to invite their sibling to join. D recently made a commitment to follow Jesus, and since then, positive changes have been evident. D’s sibling, whom we’ll call A, is in 6th grade and has struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past. After witnessing A’s struggles and A’s recent attempt, D lovingly shared their own faith journey and the constant love of God. Remarkably, D encouraged A to attend the winter retreat with them, and A agreed. During the retreat, A had the opportunity to learn more about the God that D had spoken about with such passion. A expressed gratitude, acknowledging that their knowledge of Jesus is because of D’s influence.

The story of D and A highlights God’s impactful work through SYFC initiatives. D’s faith journey, joined with their eagerness to share it, catalyzes transformative experiences for themselves and others through the message of hope that God provides for all of us.

We just want to thank the Lord for utilizing SYFC as a place to minister to D and empower D to minister to A. Through their testimony, we pray that many will come to know YOUR name. You can join us in praying by clicking here to learn more!