Calling All Prayer Warriors!

May 15, 2024


Prayers are needed for God’s presence over Young People and YFC Ministry.

Our mission is sharing JESUS with YOUNG PEOPLE. According to Barna Group research, 3 out of 4 young people today do not attend a weekly youth group or church service, leaving thousands of Siouxland’s young people needing to experience the precious gift of God’s presence. We need MORE of His spirit being poured out in His power and presence.

Join us in prayer:
•    Asking for MORE of the Holy Spirit to be poured out in Siouxland’s schools, teen centers and juvenile institutions, completely saturating every seen and unseen place in this region.
•    Asking the Father to allow young people to spiritually see, experience, and enjoy more awareness and sense of His presence in every aspect of their lives.
•    Asking the Holy Spirit to meet young people in their struggles, losses, and sufferings in a real and intimate way.
•    Asking that Christ’s love, compassion, and comfort to impact every community, institution, neighborhood, home, and heart where Siouxland youth live their lives.
•    Asking for MORE of God’s spirit in His power being poured out and released over us, to experience His presence, as we share JESUS with young people everywhere in Siouxland.
Pray, share, ask, knock, open!

Join our prayer team HERE!