Campus Life Ministry 2021 Fall Rollout

November 24, 2021


By Calee Ewing, Campus Life Ministry Director

Pre-COVID, our Campus Life teams met with students on campus to share who Jesus is and what a personal relationship looks like with him. When the pandemic hit, all on-campus ministry came to a halt. Now in Fall 2021, West Sioux and Le Mars public schools are reopening for YFC to be on campus, but we face the reality of not re-entering Sioux City schools yet.

Over the past year, our Campus Life teams have had to get creative in meeting students to continue to build Christ-sharing relationships. After many attempts with less than ideal results, we stumbled upon an opportunity right under our noses. What if we met the same students in different locations and in small groups?

The opportunity is to develop small groups off campus instead of on campus. This past summer we began focusing our efforts on contacting and meeting teenage students from our schools in their local parks, where they frequently hang out. The cold drinks and fun snacks were probably the biggest attraction, but we saw a core group of students that led to a few small groups forming.

This fall, we plan on meeting weekly for 3 weeks in small groups and providing a “Club” style party for the groups to come together on week 4. This will provide the opportunity for the students to invite their friends.

Join us in praying that God continues to open doors to our campuses, for opportunities to contact students on campus during lunch hours, and to build trust with students and teachers.