February 23, 2022


By Jim Rahn, Plymouth County Area Director

I would consider 2021 a year of great reward in Plymouth County. God honored our hard work in the ministry with outstanding progress in our youth seeing on average 100 young people weekly and a record number of kids surrendering their lives to Christ. Our financial partners, staff, and volunteers stepped up this year to do the work of the ministry and we have so much to be thankful for.

One of our greatest ministry opportunities this new year is serving our kids who have gender and identity struggles. The youth are bombarded from media, social media platforms and influencers, school curriculum and peers to redefine how God made them: male and female. They struggle with wanting to fit in and be accepted, but at what cost?

We get the amazing opportunity to love them right where they are, in the struggle, in the confusion, and point them to their Creator who designed them with a purpose and for good.

In 2022, our goal is to increase our ministry influence in Plymouth County. We’re seeking additional volunteers to walk alongside our kids, to do life with them, and share the Gospel. We’re increasing our Campus Life staff from part-time to full-time. This will build our high school campus ministry and give capacity to launch Campus Life in other communities in Plymouth County. We are excited about these new opportunities to reach more kids with the Gospel.

Something new coming this year is a part-time City Life position. This position will take on some of the day to day management operations of our City Life Teen Center ministry, allowing more time for Roxie, our City Life Director, to focus on Chapter and National responsibilities.

As we begin 2022, would you pray for us? Pray for at least 10 more volunteers, staff positions to increase, and for the kids’ lives to be impacted as we continue the work of the ministry. Thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait to share more updates later this year.