Feeding HOPE to the Multitudes

February 25, 2022


By Karl Van Cura, Executive Director

Jesus gave them an impossible command—feed them. What? How? All they had was a boy’s lunch—five hamburger buns and two sardines. Regardless, Jesus said, Bring what you have to Me. He looked up to heaven, blessed and broke the buns (loaves) and gave it to His disciples. They in turn gave it to the crowds, and everyone ate until they were full.

Amazing things happen when we willingly release what we have and let God use it.

This youthful generation of today is hungry. In fact, they’re famished. Will we feed them spiritually, emotionally, socially? Jesus can. However, we must bring to Him what we have, and the God of the Universe will multiply and feed them all until they are full.

Young people need to be heard, helped, and loved. We believe Jesus is their only hope in this dark, hurting, and despairing world, so we share our hope through love. Unfortunately, they may not want to lay claim to our Jesus, our Heavenly Father. Reluctance to believe is really a form of rejection. This unbelief is sin. Jesus is worthy to be believed; the problem is within us. Sin has separated us from God.

Generously God has graced us through Jesus, who gave up His rights in Heaven to come to earth, willingly laid down his life to die for us, and was resurrected to our Father in Heaven, overcoming sin and death for each and every one of us.

We will not stop until every young person in Siouxland has an opportunity to know Jesus and make an informed decision to follow Him. Join us by bringing your fish and loaves, and together we can watch how God multiplies them.