Growing Up Emergent Leaders Into Leaders of Youth

May 31, 2022


By Hailey Rice, Communications Coordinator

We continue to grow with staff changes and additions. We are pleased to announce that Abraham Curiel has moved to full-time as our Plymouth County Campus Life Director, and Drew Curiel has joined us part-time as our Tri-City City Life Director. You have more likely seen Abe and Drew’s familiar faces around YFC at one point or another.

Abe and Drew began their journey at YFC during their teenage years. “The first time I remember YFC, my family and I were walking around the neighborhood one summer and we saw a free summer meal program,” said Drew. That meal program happened to be at YFC. While the meal is what got them in the doors, the siblings then became connected to the Teen Center. But it was more than just the fun and games that kept them coming back. “I stayed because it was a positive place to hang out with my friends,” Drew added, and Abe agreed, “I liked the leaders and eventually connected with some at church.”

Abe and Drew are examples of how YFC strives to connect kids with the church and raise up emergent leaders. What started as a couple of kids stopping by for a free meal, grew into young people who developed relationships with trusted adults and most importantly, a relationship with Jesus. Now, Abe and Drew are giving back and pouring into the lives of kids just like them through YFC programs, sharing the hope of Jesus.

Executive Director, Karl Van Cura, has known Abe and Drew since Drew was about 12 years old. He comments on witnessing their growth and addition to the staff, “I said to myself when I first met Drew, ‘that girl will be in youth ministry one day.’ So I chose to invest several years into both Drew and Abe through YFC and my church youth programs, hoping one day they would become the leaders I saw them as. I can now say investing in them has paid off.”

YFC seeks out loving adults to support and uplift young people in our communities and raise a new generation of leaders like Abe and Drew. If you are interested in giving life to young people’s stories, connect with us at or by calling 712-255-9599 or CLICK HERE