Love Does

March 14, 2023


By Karl Van Cura, Executive Director

In Bob Goff’s book called “Love Does”, one of the most popular highlighted quotes by readers states, “the kind of love that God created and demonstrated is a costly one because it involves sacrifice and presence.”

Did you catch that? Love has a cost involving sacrifice and presence. Jesus said it best in Matthew 3, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son…” His Love has a cost, the sacrifice of His only son Jesus, crucified.

Goff explains that love is taking action, being more like Jesus, displaying compassion, love, and hope for the hurting. At Youth For Christ, it is our passion to pursue and love young people who are far from God. Like God’s action, there is a cost and sacrifice involved.

We passionately desire to develop additional Christ-sharing relationships moving towards 2,400 every single year. These could lead to hundreds of young people making first-time decisions to follow the risen Christ annually. However, these relationships don’t come easy. They involve our sacrifice, our presence, and our love. It pains a ministry leader’s patience to continue pursuing teens when they leave these relationships. It challenges a ministry leader to continue encouraging when things don’t come easy for a young person. That’s what love does.

At YFC, we long for the Lord to add lost kids to His Kingdom every day. This is possible for the Lord, but we can’t do this by ourselves. While reading our newsletter, I ask that you join us in prayer. Ask for others to join us in sacrificing, praying, resourcing, pursuing, loving, and being present with lost youth while joining God in His Kingdom work through His risen Son.