Program Partners With Hope Center

November 24, 2021


By Rachelle “Shelli” Rawson, JJM Director

Our JJM Advocacy program, while less than a year old, is beginning to experience the fruit that advocacy has for young people. We have already watched at-risk youth go from death to life because they now have a person who loves them no matter what. Trained safe and loving Advocates now walk side by side, developing friendships through some of the most pivotal moments of their life.

Part of our mission is to collaborate with like-minded partners. God is making big things happen for our at-risk kids and families through our Advocacy program. We not only want to see our teens come to Christ and live in wholeness, but their families as well. To boost the resources available through our Advocacy program, we recently partnered with the Sunnybrook Hope Center “Teen Walk with Me” program. Our hope is to offer more resources for the at-risk youth and their families, generating a greater impact in their lives, modeling being a follower of Christ, and leading the youth to invest back into their families and communities.

Any at-risk youth and their families that participate in our Advocacy program will now have access to participate in any of the Hope Center’s programs and resources with this partnership including access to:

• The food pantry and household items

• The adult version “Walk With Me” program, where a coach is matched to help parents walk through life together with a caring coach

• The healing programs such as Celebrate Recovery, Divorce Care and Grief Share, bible studies, and more

We are hoping that young people and their families will experience the body of believers walking alongside them and pouring out the love of Christ upon them. We desire to make maximum impact in our community, families, and at-risk youth, creating opportunities for new young leaders to flourish and thrive here in Siouxland.

It’s our hope that this partnership is one of many more. We have a dream to reach every at-risk youth, connecting them with a loving adult. Want to partner with us? Click Here for more information.