Record Number of Lost Kids Coming To Jesus

November 23, 2021


By Roxie Rahn, City Life Director

We live in a culture where truth is relative, what’s right is considered wrong, mandates change from day to day, groups of people are pitted against each other and things seem insecure.

Now imagine, you are an at-risk youth without an adult to protect and advocate for you. You’re not sure if you’ll have a safe place to stay. You’re struggling in school, have a volatile home life, or feel neglected and not cared for while trying to navigate this cultural climate. It is understandable why anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues are at an all-time high in our youth population.

Youth are seeking truth. We know Jesus is Truth.
Youth are seeking stability. We know the Rock on which we stand.
Youth are seeking hope. We know the Eternal Hope and how to share it.
Youth are seeking love. We know the One True Love who created each
person and gave His life for each of them.

YFC focuses on Christ-Sharing relationships with youth in these circumstances and we love them right where they are. This year, we witnessed a record number of students make a decision to follow Christ. Uncertain times tend to create openness to the Gospel. Our ministry leaders and staff met youth in their confusion, fears, and hurts. We listened, prayed, loved, and shared the hope of Jesus with them. And we continue walking alongside them in their new faith journey.

Thank you for partnering with us by opening your heart, sharing your resources, praying with us, and giving of your time to help us raise up life-long followers of Jesus.