The Power of Prayer

November 28, 2022


Sometimes when we pray, it takes time to see it unfold. Abraham prayed for a son but didn’t see answers for 25 years. That’s why we’re reflecting on the kids, ministries, and other things we prayed for in 2022 and sharing how God moved. This should serve as encouragement for the prayers that you might not have seen answered yet and a reminder to continue praying because the power of prayer is real and alive…

“At a volunteer meeting, we put aside training and decided to pray in groups of 2-3 people for each other and for our kids. We prayed for kids by name and asked God to break down walls. The next night we shared the Gospel and 12 kids decided to follow Jesus and 4 of them were kids we prayed for specifically by name the night before!”

“Connecting kids with the local church is part of our mission that we’ve been praying to see growth in. This year in Sioux City we’ve had 2 more churches partner and pick up students for their Wednesday night youth programming.”

“A young man in Juvenile Detention was convicted of murder, raised in the lifestyle of ‘kill or be killed’ and had never even heard of Jesus. Through our Juvenile Justice Ministry, he got to hear the gospel message and accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior. Now, he’s preparing to be a missionary and light in prison.”

“About a year ago, a group of boys laughed at the idea of going to camp. This past summer they went to camp and all of their lives were radically changed. They accepted Jesus into their hearts and now ask deep questions and look forward to bible studies and learning more about God.”

“For years there has been a shortage of men stepping up to meet with young people, especially teenage boys. I have been praying for God to send us Godly men to our ministry, to be that man of God and fatherly figure for our lost and aimless youth. This year through staff and volunteers, I have seen God send over a dozen men. I am continuing to pray for more men to enter the harvest.”