WELCOME GRACE: Our new Community Engagement Coordinator

February 22, 2022


By Hailey Rice, Communications Coordinator

Amongst all the new and exciting things happening at Siouxland YFC, you can expect to see a new face around the office and throughout the community

After a lot of work looking, we are excited to announce Grace Nordquist has joined our staff as the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC). Grace is from Panora, Iowa and is a 2020 graduate of Morningside College. Grace is also an Assistant Coach for the Morningside University Men and Women’s Swim Team and President of Siouxland Growth Organization.

I wasn’t really looking for a new job, but after a few people had mentioned the CEC position to me, and seeing the impact the organization had, I felt that God was calling me to apply.

Grace first found out about YFC her Junior year of college in 2019 while researching organizations she could intern at for school. While she accepted an internship elsewhere, it all came full circle when a couple of years later Grace got involved volunteering at YFC Camp in 2021 with friends who are also involved at YFC. Shortly after volunteering, those same friends encouraged her to apply for the CEC position.

And apply she did, and we are thankful that God has called her to YFC. “We feel that Grace is the perfect candidate for our CEC position based on her skill set, experience, and heart for God”, adds Karl Van Cura, our Executive Director.

So, what exactly is a CEC and why do we need one at YFC?

The Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) exists to build a network of God’s people. Grace’s goal as CEC is to grow Siouxland Youth For Christ’s network of church partners, volunteers, and financial partners through different outlets like events, communication strategies, prayer, networking, and more.

While this is a new position to Siouxland YFC, it is not a new concept for other Youth For Christ chapters throughout the country. The CEC position was developed in 2019 through new processes created by YFC USA and there are currently around 8-10 CEC positions throughout the country. This position has led to tremendous ministry growth and success when implemented correctly in other chapters.

Finally, thank you to those who have been praying for Siouxland YFC and that this position would be filled with just the right person. We look forward to all God has in store for Grace and the impact she will have on the Siouxland community as our new CEC.