What is See The Story/Be The Story?

June 6, 2022


By Grace Nordquist, Community Engagement Coordinator

The “See The Story” and “Be The Story” process was developed at Youth For Christ USA as a three step relational way to invite people to learn more about the mission and purpose of our organization. The goal would be to find like-minded people who also have a heart for our mission. This method has been recently implemented in Sioux City, specifically the Northside area, from March through May.

Step 1 – See The Story

The See The Story ministry tour is like a “first date”. Over a few months we invite and encourage people to “meet” YFC for the first time or get “reacquainted” with us through a 50-minute ministry tour. During the tour, guests learn about the mission and passion of YFC to transform the lives of youth, their families, and our community. This is done through engaging stories of staff, volunteers, and kids whose lives have been impacted by our mission, and sharing about our ministry models and goals.

Step 2 – Following Up

Do you remember a time you went on a first date? After a first date there are often questions like, “How did it go? What did the other person think? Will there be another date?” Similar to this, we make sure to follow up with each person who attends a See The Story to answer questions they have about YFC. Then after the “second date”, if someone is interested, we invite them to a third date.

Step 3 – Be The Story

The “third date” is our Be The Story one-hour program. During the program, we share impactful volunteer and student stories through both videos and live testimonies while guests enjoy a complimentary dinner. At this point, the goal is that many of the guests would have attended a See The Story tour and been followed up by a team member. So now we’re ready to invite them to take the next step in partnering in our mission through financial, volunteer, or prayer support.

Instead of jumping to the third date, at YFC we decided we wanted to give people the opportunity to learn about us before committing to partnering with us. We understand that giving of your time, talents and treasure is important and we want you to sow where you are called. If YFC is that place, we want to thank you for helping us reach 2,400 young people with the hope of Jesus every year.

Since this process began we’ve had 33 people pledge to volunteer or pray, and raised over $23,000 the night of the Be The Story event, which is being matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000 with an additional $22,000 pledged each year over the next 3 years, all committed to grow our northside community ministry. Check out our website for upcoming opportunities or connect with Grace at grace@siouxlandyfc.org.