Winter 2023 Volunteer Spotlight

February 13, 2023


Justin Sundt

Justin Sundt lives in Bronson, Iowa and is a Territory Sales Manager. He’s been volunteering in Le Mars since July of 2017. Justin hangs out with the students Friday nights at the teen center and Thursday sports nights in the summer. He’s even helped out in Sioux City with basketball as well (we think Justin might enjoy sports…) Although playing sports and hanging out with kids is a ton of fun, the main reason Justin volunteers is to be able to show God’s love to the students and to spend time with them to show them that they matter. He comments that a lot of students yearn for someone to spend time with them and they don’t always have a good example to look up to. ”I am not perfect by any means but I try to show Jesus’ example the best I can.” One of Justin’s favorite memories is during sports night watching some of the more athletically gifted students encourage the ones who might not be as athletically gifted. He also notes that trivia battles or knowledge battles with some of the students who really get into it are also a lot of fun.

Haley Green

Haley Green lives in the South Dakota / Siouxland area and is a Kindergarten Paraeducator and Cosmetologist. She first started volunteering in Le Mars in 2015, often using her gifts to give students haircuts and help them get ready for school dances. In 2020, she started volunteering full-time in Sioux City at the Teen Center. Haley volunteers to show kids love, many of whom often don’t know what that feels like. “They have nobody in their corner, nobody to show them what support or encouragement is. I felt called by God to love the ones who don’t feel loved.” More importantly, she wants students to know in their hearts that God loves them and because God loves them “they belong and are a part of a family.” Haley’s favorite part of volunteering is building relationships with the students and watching them grow, getting to know both their strengths and weaknesses. She loves being a friend, listening, and letting them know they’re not alone. When it comes to a favorite memory Haley says there are “way too many, but definitely anytime there’s a dance or karaoke party.” But another core memory was during a small group when her group of boys started to act out the story of David and Goliath. It was both funny and powerful, she says, “I pray that memory stays with them forever and that they see themselves like David the Shepherd who can overcome any giant with God in their lives!”

Rebecca Smit

Rebecca Smit lives in Hawarden, IA. By day she is a Domestic Engineer and Home Educator, but on Thursday evenings, she spends her time at the Hawarden Teen Center where she’s volunteered since 2020. Prior to volunteering with YFC City Life, she also volunteered for 6 years in Campus Life (2004-2010). When it comes to her “why,” Rebecca says, “There are many reasons I volunteer. Some of the top reasons share what Jesus has done for me with students, also it brings me joy to invest my time into others, and it’s fun to hang out with middle and high school students at the Teen Center.” Although there are many things she loves about volunteering with YFC, hearing students’ stories and building friendships with them is her favorite. As far as her favorite memory, that might be even harder to pick. The week she volunteered after YFC camp this summer she notes as memorable. She says hearing how God worked in students’ hearts and lives and even one student saying that Jesus was their favorite part of camp has been a core memory for Rebecca.