YFC CAMP: Thane’s Story

November 23, 2021


By Tom Cook, Sioux County Area Director/ Chapter Camp Lead

“Where everything changes” is the YFC Camp motto. For decades, we have been taking students to YFC Camp on full scholarships. At camp, students experience a new environment, a life-changing experience, and 1 in 2 students say “yes” to following Jesus.

Since 2020, our regional YFC Camps have been canceled. Our camp team thought outside the box and developed Day Camp experiences for students in our three ministry communities, all of which have been great successes. However, we are truly excited to announce that we will be returning to our regular YFC Camps in Summer 2022. YFC does an amazing job providing an unforgettable experience for our students, allowing our leaders to invest relationally into them.
Let’s meet Thane
Thane loves coming to our YFC programs. He hardly misses an opportunity to come to an event, play gaga ball, or shoot pool with friends. Thane comes especially to learn about God and meet up with friends. This past summer, Thane attended our Day Camp for the first time. Playing “capture the flag” was his favorite part of camp.

We know YFC Camp is much more than games. It is about showing and sharing with students the love of Jesus. Thane recalls, “the camp speaker talked about how everyone has their own story and why they choose to follow God. That really hit me”. After camp, Thane continues to attend our Teen Center because he feels safe learning more about a relationship with God while being with friends.

Every year, we have amazing opportunities to build Christ-sharing relationships through our ministry sites. But YFC Camp provides incredibly more opportunities to go deeper in Christ-sharing relationships with students like Thane. It’s our opportunity to walk alongside them, playing messy, crazy games, listening to their stories, and sharing the greatest story of all, Jesus.

Next summer YFC Camps
• High School Camp / June 19-24, 2022 at Castaway Club in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
• Middle School Camp / July 26-30, 2022 at Sunstream Camp in Ogden, Iowa