Youth Living Through Trauma Need Loving Adults

June 6, 2022


By Rachelle “Shelli” Rawson, JJM Director

In our Juvenile Justice Ministry, we are blessed with many outstanding volunteers and would not be able to spread the Gospel to as many young people without them. Within the JJM programs, struggling youth are paired with trustworthy, loving adults, like Advocate Charley, who was paired with her mentee Madison. Their relationship serves as a testament to the success and growth that these young people often experience.

Madison grew up through much trauma, leaving her feeling unloved by those around her. She frequently transferred between emergency shelters and different group homes. Charley first met Madison in Juvenile Detention, and soon Madison was transferred to a treatment facility. However, she ran away from the facility and could not be located.

For months, Charley and many others searched for her mentee. During this time, Charley sat and wrote her letters so she would know just how loved and missed she was. Months later, Madison was found after overdosing and Charley rushed to her side. The letters were shared with Madison at this time, and something was noticeably different between them.

After seeing how Charley never gave up on her, Madison felt loved and their bond became stronger.

Without advocates like Charley, many of these high-risk, traumatized youth would be struggling alone, however, YFC intentionally reaches out to them in the most pivotal moments in their lives. If you are interested in becoming an advocate or want to learn more about how the JJM programming supports youth in institutions, please contact Rachelle “Shelli” Rawson at Rachelle@siouxlandyfc or call (712-255-9599) or CLICK HERE